Sunday, 16 October 2011

Hello? Is there anyone still there?

Hello, to anyone who hasn't given up on my blog!! I am still here, I have just been INCREDIBLEY busy!! I have had a couple of commissions from various family members, and have finally finished them.
The first one was a painting for my Aunt, she wanted a portrait of my cousin with her cat as a graduation present.
The most recent painting I have done is this for my uncle. It is his house and family, magically transported to a snowy mountainous country, but still with all their local Kentish birds. It was quite a fun project to work on, but took a very long time, and drove me slightly mad paiting each flower individually, but I think it was worth it, and everyone seemed very impressed.

I always find it hard to finish a painting like this, there is always just something else that could be added, so I was quite pleased to hear that if new members of the family appear, I will be called on to add them in :)
Hopefully it won't be quite so long til my next post, I have lots of things planned, so keep watching!!


Jane said...

Amazing, they were all delighted.

D Naruka said...

Very nice, and the clouds and temple - right out of Nepal!

(first time visitor through 3BT, but look forward to coming again.Best.)

laurathompsonart said...

Thank you so much :) please do come back, I will try to update this more often!