Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Freshers Week

Next week I will be starting my MA in children's book illustration at Anglia Ruskin, so I have spent this week having a go at all sorts of activities as part of freshers week. When I did my BA we didn't have a proper students union, so I am making the most of all the events this time around.
On Monday I joined the adventure sports society, and did some climbing with them, then, possibly unwisely, had a go at ballet in the same day. I have never done ballet before and I really enjoyed it, but my legs still haven't quite recovered.
On Tuesday there was punting, which should be compulsory to try at least once if you're studying in Cambridge. I think I might have done better if I hadn't been climbing the day before, those wooden poles are HEAVY!
We had our course introduction course on Wednesday so I met some more lovely people that I will be studying with for the next year and a half, and a couple of us went on a tour of the city with the Harry Potter society, where we went in the actual sweet shop that inspired Honeydukes. (I know, how exciting!)
One of the great things about freshers week is that everyone seems to be giving out free food! On Wednesday night we went to an event at a new Turkish restaurant, where we were brought plate after plate of delicious food, and on Thursday there was a free barbecue, which was definitely needed before going to a yoga session.
The freshers fair was on Friday, so I officially joined the Harry Potter and yoga societies, and enjoyed a lot of free pizza and cake!
I have a feeling I will be working ridiculously hard for the next 18 months,so it was good to have a week of fun and settling in before we start.


Amy said...

I'm so excited for you :) it all sounds amazing! Have fun :)

Jane said...

I joined the caving club in my fresher's week!