Thursday, 3 October 2013

Observation and experiment

Our first project "observation and experiment" is all about drawing. We each have to pick a theme and do as much drawing from life as we can squeeze in to six weeks! My project is going to be titled "curiouser and curiouser". This came about by me wanting to improve my people drawing skills and thinking how lucky I was to be in Cambridge where there are lots of tourists who tend to stand still whilst looking at the landmarks! This developed into an idea to draw lost people, then to draw lost objects. When I started to think about the practicalities of this idea I realised I needed to find things to draw indoors as it will be getting cold soon! So instead of only drawing lost objects, I decided to draw things that are out of their natural environment, for example ancient objects in museums, juxtaposed against their modern cases and surroundings. I finally came up with the title "curiouser and curiouser" as I thought the perfect way to combine all of my ideas was to draw curious objects and curious people. 

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