Friday, 15 October 2010

Busy busy busy!!!!

Well,  I feel like I've failed at this blogging thing a bit!! only 6 posts in + I've already started to neglect it!! I went to a lecture by  David McKee yesterday at the lightbox, which was really interesting, he was very inspiring and just the right amount of mad! I spent about an hour and a half in the exhibition before hand and had a sneak preview of David Mckee wandering around, I was listening to one of the recordings at the time and was concentrating so hard on trying to work out if it was him, I managed to get the headphones completely tangled up in my necklace and threw everything I was holding onto the floor, so felt like a bit of an idiot!! ah well, he still signed my book and drew me my very own snow elephant :D
Apart from that I've been practising drawing lots of people, cos I'm a little bit scared of doing that at the moment!! They're not quite ready to be put up here yet, but some might be soon!! I've also, on the advice of Lauren Child, been working on doing some illustrations for old stories, to build up a portfolio, so hopefully one day I might be able to illustrate for other people!! I'm also trying to decide what to do for the Wildlife artist of the year competition, cos that looks quite fun, oh yeah, and I've got a commissioned painting to get started on too!! busy busy busy!! With Nick away though, I'm planning an action packed arting wkend, including a plant drawing trip to kew and a Dr. Sketchy life drawing class. Should be fun, and hopefully I'll have something nice to stick up here by the end of the weekend!! Woohoo!!

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