Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I went to hobbycraft yesterday, which is always an exciting adventure, but yesterday was especially good. I walked there, through the woods, which were all drippy and rustley with rain that had happened before I'd woken up. Everything smelled nice and Autumny too and there were little fairy toadstools all along the path. On the way home I saw a little squirrel desperately trying to pull up an acorn from where it had been hidden a bit too well!! This gave me an idea for a whole new story and I just did a quick (lightning speed really, compared to my normal working behaviour!!) little sketch, also testing out my new inktense pencils, which are really quite magical!!! I was quite pleased with my speedy work, and although it's not perfect, I'm quite encouraged by how much I seem to be speeding up. Unfortunately, When my Aunt saw the picture, instead of being the nice inoccent person I thought she was, she thought the squirrel was doing something rude. I will have to be more careful next time with squirrel hand and acorn placement. I hope you like it anyway and hopefully there will be more of him soon.


amy said...

awh no! i didnt think of that until i read what you said jane said!!
maybe if it was more of a side angle the lining up wouldnt be so unfortunate :P

laurathompsonart said...

I know, I didn't notice it either, she obviously just has a very dirty mind!! xxx